Carbon Pro MTB Togs

  • Carbon Pro MTB Togs®
    An upgrade to our best-selling Flex MTB Togs 
    Add component quality 40% carbon and Versaflextips for rock solid performance & durability. Slide-on model (remove grips).

    Carbon Pro MTB Togs provide a better grip to the top of the bars. Add superior control, comfort and climbing leverage to improve your ride. #changeup #gothumbsup #ridetogs

    *  40% Carbon Togs
    *  Versaflex™ tips for comfort and shock absorption
    *  17° Tog rotation for ergonomics

    *  Raised hood works with all grips
    *  Cinches tighter than Flex MTB
    *  Stainless steel hardware
    *  19 grams per set
    *  Made in the USA

    Taylor Lideen Payson McElveen
    Christopher Blevins Ryan Petry

  • Installation: 

    1) Remove Grips
    2) Slide Carbon MTB Togs onto bar
    3) Replace grips *
    4) Snug Togs up to grips
    5) Lightly tighten bolt until snug (less than 1 Nm).
         2.5 mm wrench is included.
         Togs should rotate when forced. 

    *For lock-on grips: tighten grip collar before tightening Togs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
Jason Thornton

Great product ! It really helps while riding and when climbing

Work good

I'd rather deal with removing my grips than dealing with the lame hardware from the flex version. Only 4 stars because I don't really need carbon for the cost, but it is the only choice.

Gregory Taylor
Carbon Togs

My carbon togs slide on super easy and the positioning is fantastic. I raced them on my single speed mtb and they provided a comfortable place for my thumbs and palm.

Belgian Wafflemaker
Thumb Action👍

Just installed on my flat bar SSCX . Feel good so far. Real test this weekend!

Carbon TOGS

I like the idea, but they delaminated after two months of use. Took them off and just use the monkey grip now if I’m on a long flat.
UPDATE: TOGS reached out to me after the 2 star review. Replaced with a new set of carbons which I haven't used yet because they included a pair of their discontinued plastic types. TOGS you need to bring those back. We don't need a soft horn to hook our thumbs on. These have worked perfectly for more than the previous pair lasted and I don't really notice a comfort difference. I've upped my review to 5 stars because of the excellent customer service but please-bring those hard plastic ones back!

Contacted end user to resolve.
TOGS are warrantied and also offer a satisfaction guarantee