"TOGS provide a handy place to hook your thumbs"

Togs - "XC Racer Setup Tricks"

A Better Grip

MTB Togs are thumb grips to hold on to when you ride on top of the bars. Togs offer superior control, comfort and climbing leverage.

Control - Togs open the trail or commute to top-of-the-bar riding. They add a secure control point to the bar with full access to shifters and brakes. 

Comfort -
 Togs give your hands a change of position. This makes for a happy ride with less wrist and hand fatigue. Great for hand issues.

Climbing - 
Togs thumb grips excel at climbing, both in and out of the saddle. Gain climbing leverage and minimize clenching the bar.


MTB Togs are great for commuters, recreational bikers and racers alike. They fit all standard flat bar handlebars (22.2 mm) and grips, including lock-on grips.  Togs are not ideally suited for SRAM Grip-Shift & TwistLoc.

Keegan Swenson, Christopher Blevins, Payson McElveen Photo: @notubesmaster


MTB Models

Flex MTB Togs ® feature a flexible tip and a 17° Tog rotation. The rotation creates ergonomic hand and wrist positioning and favors more hand positions. The slight flex in the Togs allow for installation without removing grips. Currently offered in 9 colors. 18 grams per set. Made in the USA

Carbon Pro MTB Togs ®  are made from 40% Carbon Fiber and Versaflex tips  for component quality and durability. Carbon Pro Togs feature the same geometry and form factor as the Flex MTB Togs but require grip removal to install, due to the carbon material. Offered in red and silver. 19 grams per set. Made in the USA
Carbon Pro MTB Togs



Flex MTB Togs
Step 1  Slightly spread and press the Flex Tog onto the bar. 
Step 2  Slide TOGS up to grips
Step 3  Lightly tighten bolt until snug (less than 1 Nm)
Step 4  Adjust other components as needed.

Don't over tighten.Togs should rotate on bars when forced.
Note: Nut spins if over tightened

Carbon Pro MTB Togs

1) Remove Grips
2) Slide Carbon MTB Togs onto bar
3) Replace grips *
4) Snug Togs up to grips
5) Lightly tighten bolt until snug (less than 1 Nm).
     Togs should rotate when forced.

*For lock-on grips: tighten grip collar before tightening Togs

General MTB Togs install notes:

  • Install Togs between your grips and brakes. Make space if necessary. Space is advised for proper cockpit setup, whether using Togs or not. (ref. BikeRadar's cockpit setup)
  • Move Togs while riding, to find desired position(s). 
  • Togs are designed to work with all grips. Some riders prefer to run Togs with shorter grips  for quick transition into Togs without sliding hands inboard. 


Road TOGS ®  
A Better Grip  | "Hoods for your thumbs"

Road Togs ® are the world's first thumb grips for road and gravel bikes. Add another hand option to your arsenal in the efficient drop position. Road Togs increase comfort and stability in the drops. Great for distance riding & racing. Your Secret Weapon.

Control  •  Comfort  •  Descend

  • Maximizes comfort and bar control in the drops
  • Minimizes grip slip, bounce & vibration
  • Stable active sprinting and braking
  • Tames rough terrain & descents

Road Togs are made from 40% Carbon w/ Stainless Steel rings & bolts. They fit all standard drop bars (23.8 mm dia). Road Togs weigh 18 g per set and are made in the USA. 

Road Togs

Road Togs Installation


1) Clean any bar tape adhesive residue off bars with alcohol
2) Slide rings into desired locations *
3) Set rings with electrical tape
4) Re-tape bar tape **
5) Install TOGS with logo facing the rider 
6) Tighten Togs on rings until snug (less than 1 Nm). Don’t over tighten. Togs should not rotate on bars. 

*It is a good idea to test ride Togs before re-taping to ensure your preferred location. Most people install togs inline with the brake levers, for easy brake access from the Togs position.

**Swap step 4 and 5 if you wish to wrap Togs under the bar tape, or if bar tape is too thick to install Togs over the tape. 

Awards and Patents 

2019 ISPO BrandNew Finalist





Patents & Trademarks Page 

Race Proven

Some 1st place results of Togs riders: 2018 , 2017, 2016

About TOGS

The idea for MTB Togs was born on a gravel commute. The road was smooth enough to #gothumbsup on the bars, but puddle dips and washboards jostled the bike, creating mini-panic events. So, we created the world's first thumb grips. Togs immediately provided the control and comfort we wanted on top of the bar,  and added climbing leverage as a bonus. Installed just inside the grips with full access to shifters and brakes, Togs have proved to be simple. small. and effective.

Road Togs are a direct result of riders asking for Togs for their road and gravel bikes. Multiple riders were hacking MTB Togs to fit the drops. We followed their lead and designed drop bar specific Togs for the ultimate in drop bar control, comfort, descending and sprinting.

Togs, LLC is a family business located in Utah at the foothills of the Wasatch mountains. Our mission is to make better grips for Mountain, Road and Gravel bikes. Togs are designed, manufactured and packaged in the Rocky Mountains, USA with the help of a dedicated US team including:

 Curvature |  Wasatch Container  |  Sovereign Plastics  |  APS  | Jibe Media  |   Maschoff Brennan   



Togs are currently available online at and in local bike shops. Checkout the wholesale page If you'd like to carry Togs in your US or International store. Togs are distributed through Quality Bike Products (QBP) in the US.



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