"TOGS provide a handy place to hook your thumbs"

Control - Comfort - Climbing

Control - Togs thumb grips add
control to the top of the bar. 
Use your thumbs to control the bar
and conveniently index shift and
brake from the Togs position. 

Comfort - Togs give your hands
and wrists a change of  position
This means less wrist flexing and
hand clenching, making an overall
happier ride. Great for hand issues.

Climb - 
TOGS excel at climbing both
in and out of the saddle. Gain climb
-ing leverage on the bar for steep
inclines while resting your hands on
the bar.

Connor Barrett climbing to the Under 20 win at 2015 Leadville



TOGS are great for commuters, recreational bikers and racers alike. They fit any standard 22.2 mm diameter bar. Togs are compatible with nearly all grips, including lock-on grips. TOGS work best with shorter grips (~115 mm) because shorter grips allow for quick transition into Togs without sliding your hands inboard and also free up space on the bar. Custom ESI 115 mm grips are offered in the Togs store. 
TOGS are not ideally suited for grip-shift setups.  


Togs in use (30 seconds)



TOGS are made in the USA from reinforced nylon resin.  Carbon TOGS are made from 40% Carbon Fiber and are hinged for easy install on the bar without removing grips. 




Togs Installation (1:49)

Hinged Model 

Ring Model

Installation Notes

  • Lightly tighten TOGS until snug. TOGS should rotate on the bar when forced. Rotate TOGS forward while riding, to your desired position(s). 

  • Togs function best with shorter grips (~115 mm). Shorter grips allow for quick transition into Togs without sliding your hands inboard and also free up space on the bar. Custom ESI 115 mm grips are available in the Togs store.
    You should have space for TOGS between your grips and brakes consult the 'brake position' section of BikeRadar's cockpit setup guide, for proper component placement. 

Race Proven

Some 1st place results using TOGS 2016 season

1st Pro New Year’s Day Triathlon, Lesley Paterson (Scott USA)
1st SS Fat Bike Nationals, Austin Turner (TEAM CLIF BAR Cycling)
1st Mens 19-29 Fat Bike Nationals, Zach Harvey (Destination Homes/TOGS)
1st Pro True Grit Epic, Justin Lindine (Apex, Vittoria, Hyperthreads)
1st Pro Thaw Massacre, Justin Lindine (Apex, Vittoria, Hyperthreads)
1st UCI Jr Fontana US Cup, Christopher Blevins (Whole Athlete)
1st UCI Jr Bonelli Park, Christopher Blevins (Whole Athlete)
1st Pro Kenda Cup Vail Lake, Keegan Swenson (Cannondale 360FLY) 
1st Pro Cactus Hugger, Justin Lindine (Apex, Vittoria, Hyperthreads)
1st Pro XTERRA Tahiti, Lesley Paterson (Scott USA)

1st Pro ICUP Soldier Hollow, Rachel Anders (Competitive Cyclist)
1st Pro ICUP Soldier Hollow, Justin Lindine (Apex, Vittoria, Hyperthreads)
1st Pro TMBRA, Tristan Uhl (Ridebiker Alliance)
1st Overall Whiskey 30 Proof, Paul Fabian (AZ Devo)
1st UCI Jr Albstadt, Germany, Christopher Blevins (Whole Athlete)
1st U18 Angel Fire Pro XCT, Paul Fabian (AZ Devo)
1st U18 STXC Angel Fire Pro XCT, Nolan Jenkins (Competitive Cyclist)
1st US Nationals Mens 30-34 Chris Stuart (Pivot)
1st US Nationals STXC Jr., Quinn Simmons (Whole Athlete)
1st US Nationals Jr., Christopher Blevins (Whole Athlete)

1st Mongolian Bike Challenge, Payson McElveen (Ridebiker)
1st Park City Point2Point, Keegan Swenson (Cannondale 360FLY)
1st Tour of the White Mountains, Paul Fabian (AZ Devo)
1st XTERRA World Championships, Heather Horton 15-19


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About TOGS

TOGS, LLC was founded to bring the Thumb Over Grip System (TOGS) product to market. We are located in the Salt Lake valley at the foothills of the Wasatch mountains.  TOGS have been designed with the help of a dedicated team including:

Jibe Media    Maschoff Brennan    Brenkman & Company   DuPont    Wasatch Container


TOGS are currently available online at and in local bike shops.  Checkout the wholesale page If you'd like to carry TOGS in your shop. TOGS are also distributed through Quality Bike Products (QBP).