Road Togs

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    A FREE set of  Gravel Covers ships with each set of Road Togs purchased! 

    Road Togs ®

    Patented thumb grips for road and gravel bikes. Road Togs increase control, comfort and sprinting in the drops. Great for distance riding & racing. Solves many hand and wrist issues. Your Secret Weapon. Sold as a pair. 

    Control  •  Comfort  •  Descend

    •  Increases bar control & comfort
    •  Tames techy descents & rough terrain
    •  Eliminates gripping force and slippage
    •  Sprinting leverage for fast finishes


    •  40% Carbon Togs w/ Stainless Steel rings & bolts
    •  Fits all drop bars, standard 23.8mm dia.
    •  18 g per set
    •  Dimensions 30mm x 15mm x 9mm
    •  T8 Torx wrench + spare Torx screw included 
    •  Made in the USA

    Note: Road Togs are no longer imprinted with the Togs logo


    Click the 'Installation' tab above 


  • Installation: 

    1) Clean any bar tape adhesive residue off bars with alcohol
    2) Slide rings into desired locations *
    3) Set rings with electrical tape
    4) Re-tape bar tape **
    5) Install TOGS with logo facing the rider 
    6) Tighten Togs on rings until snug (less than 1 Nm). Don’t over tighten. Togs should not rotate on bars. 

    * It is a good idea to test ride Togs before re-taping to ensure your preferred location. Most people install togs inline with the brake levers, for easy brake access from the Togs position.

    ** Swap step 4 and 5 if you wish to wrap Togs under the bar tape, or if bar tape is too thick to install Togs over the tape. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 102 reviews
    Gary Wenzl
    Better than expected

    I wasn’t sure what to expect and was actually concerned that they would not work out for me. I had the LBS install them for me when doing other service. As it turned out I really like having them! The control I have on loose gravel roads has greatly improved. Very happy!

    Kevin McGill
    An absolute must for your gravel bike

    I found these TOGS are Unbound, installed them and now have them installed on 2 gravel bikes and a road bike. When racing they give you an amazing grip position and increase handling and confidence in a major way. Best accessory I have ever installed.

    Great COMPANY, great product and superior customer service

    Product: Have a few sets of MTB Togs and just purchased the ROAD / Gravel TOGS and they are ergonomically perfect. These do exactly what they are supposed to = More comfort and Much More Control. Will be a must have for every bike in the quiver.
    Company: needed some help and the team was simply outstanding, this degree of customer service and care is hard to find in todays world.
    Thank you TOGS!

    Tom Whiteside
    Highly recommend togs

    I’ve gotten so used to TOGS that my drop bars feel naked without them, I have them on all my road and gravel bikes. Highly recommend them. I use the gravel covers for both gravel and road.

    I don’t need this… I don’t need this

    Grouchy pants ex cyclocross wool jersey wearing, mafac brake whompin’ retro weenie meets full suspension gravel carbon bike.

    I don’t need these I says.
    Well why not wife says.

    I can’t live without these now. It’s on every bike I own. It’s a bit fiddly getting the right position, and one bike shop asked if he could epoxy it on (&$^#^*!!) when I changed brakes.

    Best on a road bike IMHO for long fast breakaways in the drops. Cements your sprint position every time without shifting hand positions.

    Buy ‘em!!