Flex MTB Togs

  • Flex Togs ® add superior control, comfort and climbing leverage to the top-of- the-bars! A true second hand position on your bars. Improve your ride and increase endurance performance. Solves many hand & wrist issues.
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    *  Rubber tips for comfort and shock absorption
    *  17° Tog rotation for ergonomics
    *  Raised hoods work with all bars & grips
    *  Flex legs for easy install w/o removing grips
    *  18g per set. Includes 2.5 mm wrench + spare nut
    *  Made in the USA

    Strongly Flex legs over the bar to install
    Lightly tighten until snug 

    TOGS should rotate on bars if forced

      Taylor Lideen


  • Installation:

    Strongly flex legs outward and press onto the bar. Use the 2.5 mm wrench (included) to lightly tighten Togs until snug. Togs should rotate when forced. * The nut spins if over tightened *

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Customer Reviews

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Togs are GREAT!

Alan Cocker
Used in anger

Just used these over mixed road, off road single track, both flat and climbs.
Purchased as a friend of mine said they were good, and they were not wrong!
Really intuitive to use and made a wholes more comfortable ride - simple but effective

Awesome Product

I just wanted to leave a quick review. These things rock, and are an excellent little upgrade and accessory for your handlebar. They can be a tiny bit fussy to screw on and attach, but not really. I had to struggle a bit, but the 2nd time was the charm. Once they're installed, you can adjust the position easily, while riding, as there's a little bit give. The shape is nice, the feel and the sturdiness of the plastic seems very good, and I find them highly useful and I'm very glad I invested in these. And TOGS customer service is terrific. So two thumbs up!

The best

I’ve tried different inner bar ends but TOGS are the very best. Even if you don’t do many climbs/ascents, the positioning of these subtle little hooks are a real gift for long rides.

Best New product!

I found these very helpful for my riding. I also found I like them to be only tight enough so I can reposition while riding. Really good addition to both my bikes