Road Togs

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    The world's first thumb grips for road and gravel bikes. Road Togs support upper body weight on neutral hands and wrists, increasing comfort and stability in the drops.  Road Togs add another hand option to your arsenal in the efficient drop position. Great for distance riding & racing.

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    • Molded Tog bodies w/ Stainless Steel rings
    • Body dimensions: 30 mm x 15 mm x 9 mm
    • Ring diameter: 23.8 mm Fits all drop bars 
    • Weight 18 g per set
    • Tighten to 1 Nm with 2 mm Allen key (included)
    • Made in the USA, patent  

    Road Togs are currently being made. Expected to ship late July or early August. Use Pre-Sale discount code:  RoadTogs25   for 25% off at checkout

  • Intro Video 

    Prototype review with Taylor Lideen DKXL Video 

  • Installation: 

    1) Clean any bar tape adhesive residue off bars with alcohol
    2) Slide rings into desired locations
    3) Set rings with electrical tape
    4) Re-tape bar tape
    5) Screw Road Togs onto rings, tighten to 1 Nm

    Note: if you use thick bar tape in the drops, consider swapping step 4 and 5

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