New! Flex Togs

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    New! Flex Togs  

    * Rubber tip for comfort and shock absorption              

    * 17° rotation for ergonomic hand and wrist placement

    * Raised hood works with all grips

    * Flexible legs for easy install without removing grips
      Lightly tighten until snug, TOGS should rotate on bars if forced

    * Made in the USA


  • Flex Togs

    * Stainless Steel Hardware
       [Limited Edition Togs have colored aluminum bolts]

    * Standard 22.2mm bar diameter 

    * 2.5 mm wrench included

    * 19 grams per set 

    Installation: Slightly twist legs outward and press onto the bar. Use the 2.5mm wrench (included) to lightly tighten Togs until snug. Togs should rotate when forced. *The nut spins if over tightened*

    Add bling with a Hardware Upgrade Pack

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Customer Reviews

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perfect in my Bianchi

Great item

We will be offering these to customers in our stores

Oh has rounded out on boat at 1 N meter

Oh has rounded out on boat at 1 N meter. I remove my set of original price to try the new Dr Pepper cards that are out there because I thought they be much more comfortable but I was really let down when I grab my torque wrench and I go to tighten them up and bolts bolts stripped before I even reach 1 N meter I like the product they need to get a higher-quality bolt.

TOGS should be tightened less than 1 Newton meter. If the bolt has stripped somehow, we will send you a new bolt pack. Contact
Fairly easy to install, not sure if it helps with the hand numbness

Great little addition to the cockpit. Much more manageable than bar ends, and do the same thing. I was looking for more options to keep my hands from numbing up. Only have 40 miles on them, helped a little. Seem like a good variation of hand position so it’s been great. Inexpensive and a local little company (US company).

Nice, but a pit pricey

Nice for an extra position on flat bars. Takes very little space on the bars, easy to install.

$25 bucks for two rings of plastic with a proturding piece of plastic covered in rubber does seem a bit much though.