New! Flex Togs

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    New! Flex Togs  

    * Rubber tip for comfort and shock absorption              

    * 17° rotation for ergonomic hand and wrist placement

    * Raised hood works with all grips

    * Flexible legs for easy install without removing grips
      Lightly tighten until snug, TOGS should rotate on bars if forced

    * Made in the USA


  • Flex Togs

    * Stainless Steel Hardware

    * 2.5 mm Wrench 

    * 19 grams per set 

    Installation: Slightly twist legs outward and press onto the bar. Use the 2.5mm wrench (included) to lightly tighten Togs until snug. Togs should rotate when forced. *The nut spins if over tightened*

    Add bling with a Hardware Upgrade Pack

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Customer Reviews

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2018 Felx TOGS review by Steve Pacini

The original TOGS are a ground breaking product. When first introduced I found the design minimalistic, tucking away neatly between your grip and break lever.
The 2018 FLEX TOGS is a wonderful product, offering a great alternative riding positon for your hands. I find these especially helpful on the long climbs
by moving my thumb to an over the grip position I take stress away from my wrists.

As a rider I appreciate the input they must have gathered from the first generation users. This Flex TOGS is an upgraded variant on the original by using a flexible material where the TOGS meets the riders thumb. This offers the same riding variation for your thumb, reducing stress from the riders wrists.

I run these on by my cross country bike and my fat bike. The Flex TOGS holds well to the riders thumb even through the think winter gloves I run this time of year.

I will run these on all of my bikes.

Steve Pacini

Love the togs

I've only ridden a handful of times since I got my togs on my bars. But I find the new hand position more comfortable than a regular grip and naturally go to that now. I have to conciously think to put my thumb around the bars instead of on top. I highly recommend.

Flex Togs Review!

I have really enjoyed the new flex togs on my All mountain bike. They are very helpful on climbing the fire roads and are one of my favorite additions to the bike. I have used togs on a lot of my cross country race bikes in the past and am very excited to have the new flex togs aboard for 2018!!

My only wish for the flex togs would be to have the hinge mount similar to the carbon togs. This just makes things easier when installing on bars with the ESI grips.

Best handlebar accessory out there!

Great for longer rides, recommend them to anyone and everyone who mountain bikes, number one accessory every rider should own!

Simple Upgrade

Such a simple, lightweight upgrade to your cockpit that allows for an alternative hand position. With only 2 rides on them I'm still getting used to them but I can already tell that they will be a great addition and will remain on the bars.