Flex MTB Togs

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    Flex Togs ® 
    Thumb grips to hold on to when you ride on top of the bars.
    Superior control, comfort and climbing leverage

    *  Rubber tips for comfort and shock absorption
    *  17° Tog rotation for ergonomics
    *  Raised hoods work with all grips
    *  Flex legs for easy install w/o removing grips
    *  Made in the USA

    Flex legs over bar to install
    Lightly tighten until snug 

    TOGS should rotate on bars if forced

    Taylor Lideen Payson McElveen
    Christopher Blevins Ryan Petry

  • Flex Togs
    * Stainless Steel Hardware
     [Limited Edition Togs have ano  aluminum bolts]
    * Fits all standard 22.2 mm bars
    * 2.5 mm wrench included
    * 18 grams per set 

    Slightly flex legs outward and press onto the bar. Use the 2.5 mm wrench (included) to lightly tighten Togs until snug. Togs should rotate when forced. * The nut spins if over tightened *

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Customer Reviews

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Team CottonCrest (Cottonwood Hillcrest) Togin up

I met Neal at the Soho bike fest Spring 2019. I have been running the MTB Togs ever since. I am such a fan that as the head coach of a high school team I have put all of my 2nd year or greater athletes on them. I am always looking for another way to remain comfortable for the 20+ mile cross country days. This is it! They weight practically nothing and the comfort they add is amazing.
Thanks Togs!
Coach Tony

Oh yeah!!

Great little addition to my bars. I was worried about them cluttering my bars or getting in the way but I gotta say I really like them. I'd recommend them for sure. Make yourself use them and you'll get used to the extra leverage.
Super easy install too!

The sweet spot

I have been using the Flex MTB Togs for just over a month, intending to put them on my MTB for next season but opted to put them on my Fat bike for winter training which involves a lot of time in the saddle. The TOGS really allow for a super comfortable and confident hand position, weather crushing fat bike road rides (yep its a thing) or single track. These things are great!

TOGS Purchase

Simply outstanding

Somewhat "flex" Togs

Received the new TOGs promptly. Replacements for original ones I've used now for a few years, one of which I broke in a collision with a tree. I use the TOGs 80%+ on my Moloko bars and before that on my traditional flat bars. I find they provide a more comfortable and secure hand position while allowing use of one or two finger braking. I do rides up to 18 hours in a bikepacking day and need to do whatever I can to avoid hand numbing. I haven't really noticed the difference between these Flex and the originals, and was unable to install them without removing the grips.