Flex MTB Togs

  • Flex Togs ® provide a better grip to the top of the bars.
    Add superior control, comfort and climbing leverage to improve your ride. 
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    *  Rubber tips for comfort and shock absorption
    *  17° Tog rotation for ergonomics
    *  Raised hoods work with all grips
    *  Flex legs for easy install w/o removing grips
    *  Made in the USA

    Strongly Flex legs over the bar to install
    Lightly tighten until snug 

    TOGS should rotate on bars if forced

      Taylor Lideen

  • Flex Togs
    * Stainless Steel Hardware
    * Fits all standard 22.2 mm bars
    * 2.5 mm wrench included
    * 18 grams per set 

    Strongly flex legs outward and press onto the bar. Use the 2.5 mm wrench (included) to lightly tighten Togs until snug. Togs should rotate when forced. * The nut spins if over tightened *

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Customer Reviews

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Flex Togs the Ticket

Love the flex togs. They are easier to mount than the carbon ones and they rotate on the bars a lot easier too. I can’t imagine not having these on my bars.

Climb faster?

I climb faster and more comfortable with Togs! And that increases my fun factor!


Flex and crack

Tried to install the new flex version (purchased a pair few years back) and the plastic around the nut cracked when i tried to tighten. Aside that, the grips are not able to be tighten (not moving about) unlike the older version. Disappointed.

TOGS warranties manufacturer defects on all our products. Reached out to customer to resolve. 1/12/2021

Comfortable, loving the extra control

I experimented with TOGS in the beginning and kind of went back and forth with them. These new Flex TOGS are my favorite and staying on the bike. They're comfortable to use and have a rubbery texture that is pretty close to grip rubber. Really great when I just want to keep my upper body loose and motor up a hill.

Don't climb without them!

Back in 2015 I met a guy at Mountain Bike Oregon with a pair of these on his bike as we both took a break climbing up Alpine. I bought a pair for myself as soon as I got back and I have had them on every mountain bike eversince. In this modern age of our sport, little thought is given to hand position while climbing. TOGS give you an alternative hand position for those long sustained climbs we can't avoid here in the Great Northwest.