Carbon Pro MTB Togs

  • Carbon Pro MTB Togs®
    An upgrade to our best-selling Flex MTB Togs 
    Add component quality 40% carbon and Versaflextips for rock solid performance & durability. Slide-on model (remove grips).

    Carbon Pro MTB Togs provide a better grip to the top of the bars. Add superior control, comfort and climbing leverage to improve your ride. #changeup #gothumbsup #ridetogs

    *  40% Carbon Togs
    *  Versaflex™ tips for comfort and shock absorption
    *  17° Tog rotation for ergonomics

    *  Raised hood works with all grips
    *  Cinches tighter than Flex MTB
    *  Stainless steel hardware
    *  19 grams per set
    *  Made in the USA

    Taylor Lideen Payson McElveen
    Christopher Blevins Ryan Petry

  • Installation: 

    1) Remove Grips
    2) Slide Carbon MTB Togs onto bar
    3) Replace grips *
    4) Snug Togs up to grips
    5) Lightly tighten bolt until snug (less than 1 Nm).
         2.5 mm wrench is included.
         Togs should rotate when forced. 

    *For lock-on grips: tighten grip collar before tightening Togs

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Customer Reviews

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Belgian Wafflemaker
Thumb Action👍

Just installed on my flat bar SSCX . Feel good so far. Real test this weekend!

Carbon TOGS

I like the idea, but they delaminated after two months of use. Took them off and just use the monkey grip now if I’m on a long flat.
UPDATE: TOGS reached out to me after the 2 star review. Replaced with a new set of carbons which I haven't used yet because they included a pair of their discontinued plastic types. TOGS you need to bring those back. We don't need a soft horn to hook our thumbs on. These have worked perfectly for more than the previous pair lasted and I don't really notice a comfort difference. I've upped my review to 5 stars because of the excellent customer service but please-bring those hard plastic ones back!

Contacted end user to resolve.
TOGS are warrantied and also offer a satisfaction guarantee

Chuck Gerson

Thanks for the great support

David America
Feel like superman

Such a tiny little addition make such a huge improvement. Just got back from 40 miles in the back country. Lots of long climbs and my Carbon Pro MTB Togs let me alternate my hand position while still maintaining control over rocks and roots. No worries about hooking trees like with bar ends either.

John H.
They’re grrrrrrrrreat

Just like Tony said about Frosted Flakes. Except... togs are are way better for ya!