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Lesley Paterson
2x XTERRA World Champion

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MTBpodcast on Togs
Audio: Keegan Swenson wins on Togs [begins @ 20:04]



The TOGs, the Thumb Over Grip system, is a simple and brilliant solution for creating more hands position, with minimal weight. TOGs caused me to remove the pressure from the handlebars, no longer a chokehold until the fingers changed color, resulting in the release of the shoulders and upper back. On the plains they allowed me to enter a more aerodynamic and bent posture.  Sharon Shachar

5.17.17 Instagram
Gravel grinder green togs for carpal
Gravel grinding on the green machine. #biketogs are handy and just help with my carpal issues -rusty_discbrake

 3.6.17 Instagram

perfectly calculated narrow-ish bars + @biketogs are all the rage, two incredibly efficient XC additions to the @rockymountainbicycles element that make long climbs wayyy more comfortable on your shoulders during long days in the saddle -katiearaujo


I now have about 150km with the TOGS down and can not report anything negative. They are inconspicuous, functional and light ...  -knetis

1.17.17 Instagram

"@biketogs wooot! Yas! Todd and I are already thrilled with them for urban riding! #comfort #mental #stemgth" -tmiadventures

1.4.17 Facebook Reviews
"Great Product!!" Jostinpedro Ritchot 

Facebook Reviews
"Just got out for a quick New Year's Day spin, and the holidays had me feeling sluggish. These helped a ton on those shorty punchy climbs! I've had bad experiences with bar ends, TOGS are such a good find!"  Brendon Morfe 

12.8.16 Facebook Reviews

"Great addition to my Intense 951 "Experimental" bike park setup. I also ride road and use the hoods quite a bit, so the Togs feel very "natural" on the uphill sections. For $20 you can't beat it!" Joe Reylek

11.22.16 Facebook Reviews

"thrilled at how comfortable I was able to be using the TOGS; in fact, I reckon I spent a good 80% of the ride on top of the bars utilizing the TOGS because the trail was non-technical. Came away from the ride feeling good with ZERO pain in my hands! I rode this exact same trail a month ago without the TOGS and my right hand was numb and hurting for over two weeks. The TOGS completely fixed this! Thank you so much for the excellent product!!!"


11.11.16 from Bikepacker Magazine
I highly recommend adding them onto your bike for your next big adventure or tour to ensure comfort and control.
"TOGS yield a great amount of increased control and are surprisingly comfortable. The first ride or two you may find you have to adjust to using them but once you get used it; you’ll feel naked without them. After my first long ride with TOGS I really noticed my hands feeling better than normal. I originally started out with them on my cross-country bike and quickly put them on my bikepacking machine as well."


10.21.16 from Instagram

The best combination #esigrips #biketogs @mikequeyar

10.10.16 from Instagram

t21banks @biketogs if you don't have them, get them! Super nice for comfort and even bike control, on the trail or off! #biketogs #salsacycles #trailnuggets #handupgloves #stickersrock

9.25.16 via Facebook
@robobiking You should get an award for best handlebar add-on

9.25.16 via Facebook
Awesome addition to any bike. Every bike I own has a set now! colorado_lyfe 

9.16.16  via Email

"Hi! I wanted to update you on how my togs worked for me in the P2P!
They were SO helpful on the climbs (which by the way was about 1,000ft more than the race advertised online!). They helped give my hands and wrists a physical rest when they needed it and they gave my head a mental rest when I was sick of being in the same position for too long. These little togs rock and I honestly think they helped me achieve my goal of finishing this race with a smile on my face. Thanks a bunch!" Lauren

9.1.16 via Instagram

Repost from: @chynasky Thank you @paysonmcelveen for my new @biketogs carbon grips! Tried them today on my first ride after@mongoliabikechallenge + gobi desert. They're sick man! Now that I have them I could not ride without them again
And they look so good on my new scalpel black 2017  -Alfredo Laguia


8.18.16 via Facebook

From Belgium, new on my bike tha 
Thierry Véronique Carlier-Livémont


8.14.16 via Facebook
Sian Turner Crespo -  They (Togs) were just awesome for the Leadville Race Series #lt100mtb yesterday!   Can you guesstimate how much time you spent in Togs?  The majority of columbine climb for sure so 1.5 hours there. Then with everything else at least a third of the race, maybe closer to half!


8.14.16 via Instagram
See those things sticking up near my grips? Your thumbs hook around them for a relaxed, secure position on your handlebars. Tried them out last weekend at the Leadville 100 camp and will definitely be racing with them.  @rypetry

Ryan Petry finished Leadville in 7th.


8.16.16 via Instagram


8.7.16 via Facebook
After riding around 100 miles since I purchased a pair of TOGS I can gladly say I love them. To me multiple ways to grip the bars is an essential to comfortably ride for long distances. I would definitely recommend TOGS to any xc/enduro rider. Thanks for providing an amazing product. -Gunnar Barrett


7.19.16 via Facebook
I love my "Little Suffer Hooks" -Jeff Shoemake

7.13.16 via Email

Togs are the best component add-on for any bike. Not only does it give you an alternate hand position for climbing, but it is also a great component saver for when you need to flip your bike over for trail-side repairs. This is my third bike with Togs and will be on every bike I own in the future. Thank you!  Ken Newland


5.24.16 from Facebook
These are amazing! My hands feel so much better now on my bike. I wish they offered a bulk discount because I keep buying more for all my bikes!   Steven Wilke

5.24.16 from Facebook

Added these just before the Whiskey Off Road. I have ESI grips and my hands kept going numb on just about every ride prior. Having the option to simple rest your thumbs seems like it is too simple. It is surprisingly effective. A solid 50+ mile test with plenty of fire roads and climbing to have various hand positions. Very comfortable and my hands never went numb. Great product. You may need to cut your grips to be a little shorter if you have a lockout. My bar is a bit crowded now however I threw them on the day before the race with no time to get an exact set up. Cool part is you can move them on the fly, which I did. Not a lot but just a little. Once I cut the grips I think TOGS will be a welcome addition.  Brian Murphy

5.21.16 from Instagram

"I certainly love the Togs"  Christopher Blevins
Great @uci_cycling first place win in Albstadt, Germany and winning the Course de la Paix in Czech Republic

5.20.16 from Instagram

#biketogs @biketogs didnt think it was gonna work but alas, it does! Should have gotten the CF ones - antonio33015

5.1.16 from Instagram

Misty rainforest tempo climb: TOGS TIME! - leadoutsports
Been riding TOGS for 2 months now and wouldn't ride without them! Great for the 7hr solo and marathon events! rohangeddes
@rohangeddes once you get used to them, it's odd to ride without them!  leadoutsports


5.1.16 from Instagram
I got to use my #biketogs for the first time on a proper ride today and really got on very well with them, giving me good options in terms of hand position and a way of relieving numb hands. I also noticed more control on climbs too! I've always appreciated being able to move my hands around the bars, these coupled with the #esifitcr grips have allowed a very comfortable setup for all round riding.  just_jinky


4.28.16 from Instagram

"An unsolicited HJR shout out to @biketogs for making a great product. A few of the Jerks raced w/ their Thumb Over Grip System and loved them. Rob had his first win of the season and Steve posted his best SS time. Both guys loved the added comfort and extra leverage on the climbs. In this day and age of 12-speed mega drive trains, electronic this and GPS that it's refreshing to find a simple, low cost and American made cycling product that truly enhanced the quality of the ride. It won't be long before you find a few more TOGS on some HJR bikes. Ride on!"   #handsomejerksracing


4.13.16 via email
IMG_3971.JPG IMG_3973.JPG
"we are really liking the shortened grip setup"
Check out Chris and Ami of  who review Togs using shortened grips (ESI cut to ~115mm).

4.5.16 via email
"Btw these things are stupid awesome and everyone that I let ride my bikes always rave about them!"  Landon Mackey


3.12.16 via Facebook

"OMG guys...great little gadget. Just got mines yesterday, and on the trails today...loved it!" Cdale felix



"Glad that a friend of mine introduce me to TOGS...It gave added leverage on climb with the additional hand placement while riding. It's barely noticeable and also light weight. All I can say is I got hooked with TOGS."  Allan Quilatan


1.14.16 Aubrown04

Aubrown04 running TOGS Upside-down on Jones bar

1.9.16 via email video
Another upside-down application of Togs. Email of a user with them installed on a snowmobile. "They feel great... its like gripping a pistol from the side" - E. Larsen

11.11.15 via review

"TOGS Give Riders a Hand Up." "I personally found the TOGS hand position convenient and comfortable" - 

11.8.15 via Instagram

"So, I've been riding with these @biketogs for a few weeks now. With single speeding, I often found myself in a chimp-like hand position on long steep climbs and now that I have something to wrap my opposable thumbs around it's so much more comfortable and natural feeling. I noticed during tonight's ride that I was only ever out of this position during gnarly descents and while airing off of anything I could. I also haven't had any numbness I would usually get in my right hand on long rides due to nerve damage. 10/10 I'm a fan and they will be staying on my mountain bike." - danielray_spbc


11.1.15 via Instagram

- gobig_gofat

11.1.15 via Instagram

"@biketogs I've gotten a few rides in and they rock!" - chrisgardnerss


10.23.15 via Instagram

Stoked to connect with the @biketogs crew last month. Can't imagine riding without my TOGS! Best kept secret in #adventureracing Look for them during the @hmarseries in 2016.

10.18.15 via Instagram

"These @biketogs are awesome!!! I like to put my thumbs over grip for flats and uphills, and #biketogs fit perfectly." Aldrian80


10.12.15 via mnbiketrailnavigator review

"allows plenty of leverage when climbing and a different hand placement for relief during long bumpy rides without interference to access brake and shift levers."
 - MN Bike Trail Navigator Review


10.12.15 via Instagram

"#jonesloopbar" -nmtaper


10.10.15 via fatbeardedandtattooedcyclist review
"gone is the death grip while climbing i can now relax and focus on spinning the cranks rather than holding the grips." - Fat Bearded and Tattooed Cyclist

9.26.15 via Instagram

"Bike togs down under two thumbs up" - tphallett1


9.26.15 via Email
"It was great meeting you at interbike.  As we discussed for Enduro, togs make sense. I just spent the day trying them out at Mammoth Mountain and they are great!"  - Ashton Smith, National Team Manager, Trail Head Racing 


9.25.15 via Email
When asked how TOGS worked for him at Leadville this year:
"They worked great! And many people ask me about them.  I let people try my bike frequently to see how they feel."  - Max McAllister,  Traxxion Dynamics


9.22.15 via Email
"Hello, Here are some pic of my Togs on my Bacchetta Giro 26 Recumbent. They work really well nice low profile and helps being able to relax when I ride and my hands don't fall off. Hope this helps and it was nice to meet you guys In Las Vega!  thanks" - DJ    (Interbike 2015) 


9.8.15 via Facebook

"Got them install on my Trek EX and my only complain is why it took me so long to buy them!! They are great addition." -Oved Jimenez

9.7.15 via Instagram

"茶臼山に到着。ヤギに癒されています。" - eng_kbz
Google translation "It is healed in goats"

9.2.15 via text

"Absolutely love my togs." - Connor Barrett
Connor took 1st in U20 at Leadville 100.


9.1.15 via Instagram

"great shot of my Togs, which are the coolest and most functional accessory I've found in a long time." -clamshack

8.19.15 via Email
"Used the originals (TOGS) at the Leadville 100 MTB last week and loved them." -Rob McKillip
Asked how much he used TOGS during the race... "Probably about a third. I used them on the flats sometimes,  but mostly uphill. Downhill I wrapped my thumbs around the bar."  -Rob 

8.10.15 via

"I fitted both sets to my tripster -  for such a simple design they offer a choice of really comfortable hand positions when bimbling along." -somafunk

8.10.15 via
"I've got a set. They work well. Give a different position in endurance racing, helps with back and shoulders. I tend to climb fire roads with my little fingers hooked round them like a mini-bar end. Helps lock the core somehow so you end up using less body movement, and then saving energy or putting the power down more efficiently. Also if you're grovelling into a headwind on the road, you can use them against your arms to give a bit better stability/confidence when your resting your forearms on top of the handlebars aero-roadie style." -rexated

7.28.15 via Email
"I'm an honest addict now" -Dave Uhlman

7.25.15 via Email (Italian)
"We've just published our review about Togs"
DSC_4540 | Mountain Bike Web Magazine

7.12.15 from Facebook
"Love them!! Amazing how that one additional hand position aides in riding" - Tony Talentino

7.5.15 via ICUP Racing Series

"Love them and highly recommend them" - Chris Walton (Bountiful Bicycle)

7.5.15 via Pinkbike

7 days on a bike? Better have TOGS. 
Tristan Uhl (Competitive Cyclist on TOGS) wins the 7-stage BC Bike Race 
Photo: BC Bike Race, Erik Peterson

7.1.15 via Instagram

"#togsonfleek" -aunicornvomited

6.19.15 via email
"A quick update to say how much  Lesley (Scott USA) loves her TOGS and is about to embark on a campaign to qualify for the Rio Olympics in Mountain Biking! She just won Missoula XC (PRO XCT) and has 4 XTERRA's wins on them this year. This is the one accessory she can't live without!"  - Simon

6.17.15 via Instagram

@biketogs  work in harmony with my  @esigrips  !" -Caligirlmtb

6.2.15 via facebook

Photo: Transylvania Epic Media Team
Competitive Cyclist sweeps the podium at the grueling 7-stage TSEpic.  Congrats to 1st Justin Lindine, 2nd Payson McElveen and 3rd Tristan Uhl.

Photo: Competitive Cyclist
The team raced to the win using the forthcoming Togs hinged model. Competitive Cyclist athlete and team manager Jason Sager discusses the team's bike setup in his write-up: Choosing the right setup for a mountain bike stage race

5.25.15 via facebook

Watch out for this kid...
At 14, Quinn Simmons (Nini's Taqueria), wins the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic Coca-Cola road race and the XC mtb, while racing the Mens 15-18 category. On using TOGS, "I used them through-out the entire race."

5.15.15 via email

"Togs are amazing!"  - Carson Page

5.6.15 via Facebook
"Pumped to take the win at the first Weekly Series in the Heber Valley area in Utah! This was my first real test of my @biketogs, and I loved them! I used them a lot more than I was expecting to." - slampsonite 
Update 6.2.15 "@biketogs were a great break for the hands on the hilly course."
Update 6.6.15 : "Duked it out today with @jameydriscoll (ICUP Series: Deer Valley) and in end he took the win by 13 seconds."

5.5.15 via Facebook

"It's like they give you an extra gear. Awesome product." - Brian Hill
Update 5.8.15 "Love these TOGS. Another PR with these."

5.5.15 via Facebook
"Loving the Togs in race conditions. The front end is SO much easier to control on the climbs." - Bow Lemp

4.25.15 Whiskey 50

Nick Fisher (Destination Homes/TOGS) 3rd place 50 mile SS

4.25.15 via Instagram

#El_Mariachi approves.  Yusuke Kubota

4.13.15 via ICUP Racing Series
Justin Lindine (Competitive Cyclist) wins 1st Pro at Thaw Massacre. Discusses using TOGS after winning.

4.2.15 via review
"TOGS are a nice addition to any flat bar bike racking up mileage on more modest terrain and a welcome break for tired hands."

3.31.15 via Instagram

The additional hand positions are nice. -austinr033ins


3.31.15 via  review
"I installed TOGS new, snap-on grips on my bike and the benefits of the additional thumb/hand positions were noticeable after only a short ride. My Ergon GP3 grips combined with the TOGS offer me a plethora of hand and grip options and definitely provide additional climbing leverage." - Michael Ackerman  
TOGS hinged model is still in development. The hinge allows for installation without removing grips.


3.25.15 from Facebook
"Who would have thought that something so small could make such a big difference." - Jacob Holland

3.23.15 via blog review
"I find them very useful. I would recommend TOGS to fellow mountain bike riders. (I) have posted a blog post with video" - Tim

3.28.15 via Instagram

"Loving the togs. First ride with them on and they're so good love em." djdirt98

3.16.15 via Instagram

"we dig the @biketogs!" - boobicycles

3.14.15 via True Grit Epic

True Grit 2015 race results of riders using TOGS:
Quinten Bingham (Roosters/Bikers Edge) 1st place 50 mile SS
Jason Sager (Competitive Cyclist) 2nd place 50 mile Pro
Nick Fisher (Destination Homes/TOGS) 3rd place 50 mile Pro
Danny Christensen (Red Rock Bicycle) 3rd place 50 mile SS

3.11.15 tagged via Instagram

"On the road again" - Journeyman_101 (Thailand)

3.11.15 via Instagram

"... still fine tuning but it is outstanding. No sore thumb numb hands ,"  - Hellguts

Feb 23, 2015 via facebook

Translated from Japanese: Top XC racer Nakahara (using TOGS).
"Long ride (King falls 100 km race, etc.) felt upper body fatigue is suppressed considerably benefit items with TOGS in the ride for a long time. You can run in a relaxed feeling to get tired and leave just hold the handle for a long time with TOGS"

Feb 23, 2015 via facebook
"...I totally wish I thought of 'em first. Most functional and rational device I've seen decades. I love, use and recommend them. Light, durable, well designed and executed. Great product."  John Fud Zavacki

Feb 22, 2015 via facebook
"I've checked out postings and reviews about these over the past couple months and was already interested, but I was happy to see that they are a Utah company and had a display at the SLC Endurance Sports Expo. Seeing the Togs in person sealed the deal for me. They are surprisingly light, nonintrusive, and have a nice design and finish. I've had 2 rides with them and it adds extra comfort to an alternative hand placement option. I frequently put my thumbs up anyway, but with the Togs I had more control and leverage...and as an added bonus, they look great too. Thanks for the cool product!"  Lance Colby

Feb. 22, 2015 via email

"I love togs. I ride with my thumbs over the bars and I needed something to provide extra stability. These are perfect." - Matthew Stokes

Feb. 15, 2015 via email

"What a good day! TOGS were great for the steep climbs when I needed to get out of the saddle and put the power down! Single speed is definitely where these little guys shine!" - Trace Williams


2.14.15 via MTBR forums
"What is the best product you've used this year? TOGS thumbgrips: 21st-century bar ends." Biking Brazilian 

Feb. 10, 2015 review
 "where long climbs or sustained flats on are the menu, TOGS are a welcome addition to the arsenal with    minimal weight or economic penalty. And they kind of look cool, too."


Feb. 10, 2015 via facebook

"Sunset ride on the Left Coast.  Love hill climbs with my #TOGS!"
Ben Simons  


Jan. 27, 2015 International write-up (Japanese)


Jan. 15  via facebook

"Do not forget there are Togs in Spain! I received them last week and they are installed in my F29 Cannondale.  Congratulations for your product and your marketing!" - Antonio Vazquez

Jan. 27, 2015 via

"I love this very well thought out system. Its ergonomic shape provides a very good fit." (translated from French)


Jan. 23, 2015 Review

My latest happy surprise is "T.O.G.S.", or "Thumb Over Grip System", first saw them on BikeRumor. These are now on my fat bike. We are definitely in "two thumbs up" territory with TOGS!  - SweatHawg


Jan. 20, 2015 via instagram

Very stoked on the extra position the Togs provide. They weigh hardly anything and if I was to do the divide again I'd strongly recommend them if your running a flat bar. They look kinna funny and if I had one nit to pick it would be the sharpish edges near the clamping bolt. "Very stoked on the extra position the Togs provide. They weigh hardly anything and if I was  to do the divide again I'd strongly recommend them if your running a flat bar. They look kinna  funny and if I had one nit to pick it would be the sharpish edges near the clamping bolt"
 - fixiedave



Jan. 20, 2015 via email
"The ability to use a little thumb pressure with the TOGS results in a lot more bike control. I didn't think I would use the TOGS on steep climbs or while riding up tricky sections, but I use them all the time. I even find that I can easily transition to standing climbing without unhooking my thumbs. As an added bonus, using the TOGS has helped with an ulnar nerve compression problem...the tingling in my fingers has not been occurring since I began using TOGS."

Coach Tom
Cycle University Coach and Chelan Cycling Camp Director
Team High Performance Cycling Co-Manager and Coach

Jan. 13, 2015 mtbr via facebook
Gearing up for a review... "We're going to mount them on a Orbea Oiz XC test bike and will report back soon."
check mtbr's facebook link for more.

Jan. 13, 2015 mtbr via facebook

"Just rode with mine. They are great. Super small and weigh nothing. I guarantee these will be on everyone's bike soon. There is no 
Negative."  Dean Pritcher

Jan. 13, 2015 mtbr via facebook

"I'm digging my set, fresh off hand surgery it helps a lot to have that change up. Far less obtrusive than you would expect."  Kyle Fissel

Jan. 13, 2015 mtbr via  facebook
"I have them and I hate them. Interfere with my shifter. The corners near the Allen screw dig into my thumbs. More trouble than they are worth." SHane GLazebrook

Jan. 13, 2015 mtbr via facebook
"Got some. Love 'em!"  Paul Ewart

Jan. 9, 2015 Domestic write-up

Jan. 8, 2015 International write-ups/reviews (Itallian) (Spanish)

Jan. 7, 2015 by Rama at

"Small change position with Togs, make different. That our reason, we put "Intuitive Product" Again thank you. Not many companies can make good product. But Togs can solve with simple way.  Regard, Rama" review

Jan. 5, 2015 by s8tannorm at
"I made a point of trying not to think about the TOGS but I did find myself using them a lot, particularly when just 'cruising' along on fireroads and doubletrack. Even though your entire hand is on top of the bar rather than wrapped round it you do feel very secure. The ability to brake isn't affected and if you have 2 way shifters you can happily change gear without moving your hands." Full review

Jan. 4, 2015 by B-RAY at mtbr forum
"I have brought a pair and like them a lot. They give me so much leverage on climbs and on the flats being able to lock my thumb in. Its also cool that you can still brake while using them."

Dec. 30, 2014 via

"Looking for the next big thing in-bar ends? TOGS might get your thumbs up"

Dec. 30, 2014 via Instagram from @matthewmorse
"Tried out the new @biketogs today! Rode comfortably for a long time, very excited. #mtb"
Update 1.29.15 - "Great ride back at MSU. @biketogs were especially good for these trails!"

Dec. 24, 2014 from Twitter
15th place at winter duathlon. "@BikeTogs a extra hand position for 105km mtb in a X-duathon(15-105-30) Just orderd 2 extra sets!"  Tom Van de Keere.  When asked how often he used TOGS during the race: "Looking at my thumbs, I guess 80% :-) didn't wear gloves... Will move brakes more inward." 

Dec. 24, 2014 from email

"Here are pics of TOGS on my patrol bike. I have long been a thumb over grip rider and now have something to provide leverage and control as I ride. Being a Bike patrol Officer I spend a large amount of time in the saddle and I am always looking for products to make us safer and more efficient. When I received the TOGS, I removed my beloved bar ends. We issue bar ends to our Officers so that we may change our grip on the bars throughout the day to alleviate pressure on our hands. With a bit of trepidation, I placed my bar ends in the parts cabinet, removed my Oury grips and added the TOGS. At first glance they looked sturdy and well thought out. After riding with them for the day I had a bit of wrist pain so I adjusted them again. Now I have them dialed in and these are great! I have been using them for about 5 weeks now and I am in love with them. I am able to use them for leverage when I am climbing and they have really increased my comfort as I ride. I look forward to riding with them and testing them out on the trails soon."

J. Ralston 
Police Department Bike Unit (city and state withheld by request)

December 21, 2014 by Ailuropoda on mtbr forum
"I bought a pair. They are simple, maybe a little overpriced for some molded plastic, but they work as advertised and give you another stable hand position on the bars. The difference is that you feel like you are in control of the bike, not just resting your hands on top of the bars. And you can use the brakes, too. My favorite mountain bike accessory? No. But they work as advertised. I have them on my gravel grinding monster-cross 29er and I really like them."

December ? from haydenbeck_ via Instagram
"Just took my first ride with my TOGS, I love them!" 

December 5, 2014 from Yamamoto Kyota via Facebook

"The other day, I ordered your product and tried it at a crazy 24 hour endurance race (with lots ups and downs and mud) here in Japan. I found TOGS very effective at climbing sections and also at flat sections to take a relax position. Never though a slight change in grip would make a big difference. Many thanks to such a great innovation."
Yamamoto Kyota

November 22, 2014 from via Facebook
"Comfort and control has long been a compromise, chose one and the other suffers, until now. TOGS give you the best of both worlds" - Michael Flanick


November 22, 2014 from John Huth via Strava

"Gave TOGS ( a try for the first time, they worked great.  Spent the first hour fiddling with position.  At about 2 hours I noticed that I went to them naturally for the first time, then at about 3 hours they became part of the way I now ride. I was looking for an alternative to bar-ends - these are like bar-inds and I can ride while using them and still have access to the brakes which does not happen when out on bar-ends.  I found myself even using them on rolling climbs. I am now running my Ergon GS1s as the manufacturer recommends with more tilt toward the front.  That leaves you feeling like you might slip off when you bring your thumbs on top for a little position change and rest.  The TOGS helped a give me a little hook so that my hands would not come off the front when I hit some chatter on the climb. Definitely worth a try if you like to switch your hand position."


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